Kaymu Current Careers/Job Vacancies at Different Locations(55 Position)

Kaymu is the largest and safest online marketplace in Africa , where buyers and sellers meet and exchange everything from Fashion to Phones. Founded in January 2013, Kaymu’s vision is to offer both customers and sellers a shopping experience that is convenient, safe and second to none.
Below are current job openings at KAYMU across different locations, CLICK on desired position(s) for job details and to apply

TitleAscending Location
Assistant Finance Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Sri Lanka
Business Development – Kaymu (Full Time) Ethiopia
Business Development – Kaymu (Full Time) Kenya
Business Development – Kaymu (Full Time) Nigeria
Business Development – Kaymu (Internship) Mozambique
Business Development – Kaymu (Internship) Myanmar
Complaint Management Officer – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Content Associate – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Content Uploaders / Data Entry Analyst – Kaymu (Full-time) Nepal
Content Writer – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Country Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Gabon
Country Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Ghana
Country Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Tanzania
CRM Coordinator – Kaymu (Internship) France
Customer Service – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Customer Service – Kaymu (Internship) Myanmar
Customer Service Representative – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Field Sales Acquisition Executive – Kaymu (Full Time) Myanmar
Finance Associate- Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Finance Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Graphics Designer – Kaymu (Internship) Bangladesh
Head of Content – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Head of Customer Service – Kaymu (Full Time) Myanmar
Head of Marketing – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Head Of Operations and Finance – Kaymu (Internship) Morocco
Human Resource Intern – Kaymu (Internship) Nepal
Human Resources Manager – Kaymu (Full-Time) Cambodia
IT/Photoshop – Kaymu ( Full Time) Cambodia
Key Account Acquisition Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Key Account Acquisition Manager Fashion – Kaymu (Full Time) Myanmar
Key Account Acquistions Manager – Kaymu (Full Time ) Uganda
Key Account Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Cambodia
Key Account Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Key Accounts Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Sri Lanka
Online Acquisition Agent – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Order Management Agent- Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Order Processing Executive- Kaymu (Full Time) Bangladesh
Photographer – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
PR Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Sri Lanka
PR Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Bangladesh
Product Analyst – Kaymu (Internship) France
Sale Representative Manager – Kaymu ( Full Time) Cambodia
Sales Representative – Kaymu ( Full Time) Cambodia
Salesforce Developer – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Seller Management / Customer Service – Kaymu (Full Time) Philippines
Seller Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Myanmar
Seller Relationship Officer – Kaymu ( Full Time) Cambodia
Seller Relationship Officer – Kaymu (Full-time) Nepal
Social Media / PR Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Philippines
Social Media Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Pakistan
Wholesale Buyer Acquisition Manager – Kaymu (Full Time) Myanmar