Vacancy for Software Engineer at Safaricom Group

Job Requirements
· Proficient in various programming languages and frameworks, such as C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python and Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.

· Android or iOS experience

· Understanding of API design and core software design techniques

· Technical understanding of both front-end and backend development

· BS or MS in computer science or equivalent practical experience

· At least 2-3 years of coding experience in a non-university setting

· Experience with mobile app development.

Currency KES


Brief Description
Reporting to the Head of Engineering we are looking for individuals with strong software engineering skills, are passionate about developing industrial strength software solutions and have a track record that proves their skills. We are not particular about the programming languages you have mastered, but interested in individuals, who understand programming and strive towards developing great products. We want to hire a team of software engineers, who take pride in what they build, who are self-motivated to constantly improve their skills and who will bring a new perspective towards developing outstanding products. In addition we expect our software engineering team to develop their own ideas and create viable solutions.

Detailed Description
· Develop software products;

· Work in a larger engineering team tasked to develop new products for Safaricom;

· Create new ideas and demonstrate them in code;

· Work with product managers and external parties in a team;

· Ensure delivery timelines.