African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Current Graduates Recruitment-21 Positions

Africa Development Bank ,the overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction..

Below are our current open positions, CLICK on desire position for job details and apply on o before the various closing dates

Position title Closing date
Principal Protocol Officer 21/06/2018
Principal Country Programme Officer ( Francophones Countries) 21/06/2018
Principal Country Programme Officer (Anglophones Countries) 21/06/2018
Chief Translator/Reviser (English Language) 20/06/2018
Senior Statistician (Infrastructure And Poverty Analyst) – ECST1 19/06/2018
Principal Unified Communications Engineer – CHIS3 19/06/2018
Principal Resilience Officer – RDTS 18/06/2018
Senior Fragility and Resilience Officer – RDTS 18/06/2018
Team Assistant – RDTS 18/06/2018
Team Assistant – AHAI.2 18/06/2018
Administrative Clerk – RDNG 18/06/2018
Evaluation Officer 13/06/2018
Principal Agricultural Economist Officer – RDGW2 13/06/2018
Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer – RDGS2 13/06/2018
Principal Strategy and Policy Officer – Macroeconomist – SNSP1 13/06/2018
Principal Investment Officer – AHWS 13/06/2018
Senior Treasury Risk Officer – FIFM2 12/06/2018
Lead Coordinator/Fragility Expert – RDTS 12/06/2018
Language Tools And Software Officer – CHLS0 12/06/2018
Senior Fragility Procurement Officer – RDTS 12/06/2018
Principal Fragility and Policy Analyst(s) – RDTS 12/06/2018