Sales Manager,Dragnet Solutions Limited

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We are currently seeking to recruit a Sales Manager who will be responsible for managing the Sales Unit on a day to day basis to assure optimum performance and continual improvement according to the Organisational’s goals. An individual who creatively develops new ideas and is keen on negotiation and revenue generation.

The Candidate will be expected to improve the Organisational’s visibility by identifying opportunities, building customer relationships, negotiating and closing business deals with Companies and Institutions

The successful candidate should be able to contribute to the Organization’s success by consistently promoting services to Clients and negotiating contracts with the aim of maximising profits while maintaining the Organisation’s high standard of service, quality and ethics.

The candidate must equally show that he/she has the initiative to impact positive change to add value to the Sales team and our business.

JOB TITLE: Sales Manager


  • Implement Sales programs by developing sales’ team action plans.
  • Complete Sales operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
  • Maintain national sales staff job results by counselling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge of company procedures and products
  • To envision a possible “wow” reality for potential clients and convince them to make that world a reality
  • To constantly seek opportunities for new clients by paying attention to the market needs and demand
  • To sell our products by:

    i. strategically positioning us within different market sectors.
    ii. Lead our communication efforts in helping potential client achieve their goals using our services.
    iii. Pursuing the feedback from potential clients to improve our services.
    iv. Strategically creating a network that guarantees reference buy ins.
    v. increasing our market share by selling solutions that meet the needs of the potential client.
    vi. To work with Client Care Unit, Communications Unit, Operations Department, Technology and Development Department to create better demonstration documents to effectively communicate our services.

  • Partner with marketing and media to drive improved marketability of products by measuring on a monthly basis the delivery of the agreed marketing activity plans
  • Provide feedback and support for marketing content where applicable for the unit
  • Review and ensure marketing support of products and services
  • Ensure optimum utilization of media channels for marketing of products.
  • Liaise with marketing on marketing strategy and programs.
  • Liaise with technology to deliver sales objectives, review technology solutions against sales needs
  • Work with the technology in conducting a comprehensive review of unit’s applications to identify areas of improvement.
  • Continuously liaise with operations team on on-going campaigns in terms of costing, timing and quality of delivery, demand for and appraise the close out report on each program
  • Ensure all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes are communicated and implemented within the team.
  • Expected to uphold the Company’s Core Values at all times
  • Establish and manage Sales Officers & Executives; set, agree and manage performance against agreed revenue and margin budgets
  • Sell consultatively and make recommendation to prospective clients of the various solutions the Company offers to their business issues.
  • Develops proposals to suit the needs of the Organisation


  • A minimum of 6-8 years’ working experience with at least 5 years in sales and marketing
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a related field


  • Must be resilient and target driven
  • Ability to communicate and present deals and proposals effectively to clients
  • Ability to prepare and deliver on excellent sales pitch
  • Ability to interact with Clients and build relationships
  • Good team spirit and project management skills
  • Ability to close deals with prospects
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Good relational and customer service skills i. e Sociable and a non-uptight character
  • Ability to effectively advertise Company services and bargain well with clients
  • Exhibits confidence, initiative, responsibility and flexibility.
  • Excellent Market knowledge, good negotiation and creativity
  • Ability to organize multiple projects; manage and prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Strong ability to identify effective marketing campaigns to recruit new partners.


  • Good knowledge of computers including ability to use e-mail effectively
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Tools or applicable software
  • Ability to interpret and analyze reports.