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Audio-Visual documentary production

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Christian Aid Nigeria’s Partnership for Improved Child Health project also known as PICH aims to reduce infant morbidity and mortality rates by increasing access to healthcare and removing delay in treatment of children below the age of five. The project makes use of the Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) strategy which places trained Community Resource Persons (CORPs) in hard to reach communities and equips them with medical supplies to provide treatment to children below the age of five for malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and screen for malnutrition while providing Ready-to Use-Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and Action Meals for malnourished under-five children. The Community volunteers are also providing nutritional advice where required and referring extreme cases for treatment at health facilities. Community Development Committees have also been either established or resuscitated to oversee activities of the Community Resource Persons as well as advocate for improved health services in the communities where the PICH project is implemented.

The PICH project is funded UK Department for International Development and is implemented in partnership with the Government of Benue and two community-based organisations – Ohonyeta Caregivers and Jireh Doo Foundation – in four local governments namely: Konshisha, Kwande, Obi and Okpokwu Local Government Areas of Benue State.

The project is currently in its third year and Christian Aid is looking for a documentary consultant to record the successes of the project to, highlight the impact on the lives of members of beneficiary communities and assess the challenges faced by the communities with respect to child health. Some of the key stakeholders on this project are: Community Resource Persons, caregivers, Community Leaders, Christian Aid staff, partner staff, Primary Healthcare workers in project communities, Staff from Federal Ministry of Health, State Ministry of Health, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Benue Primary Healthcare Development Agency, UK Department for International Development. Purpose of Consultancy.

The Consultant will showcase a synopsis of the impact of the Partnership for Improve Child Health project by documenting audio-visual evidence from the four (4) Local Government Areas in Benue State where the PICH project is implemented. Objectives of the Documentary

  1. Develop, produce and submit an 8-minute documentary showcasing the success of the Partnership for Improved Child Health project in taking affordable and accessible healthcare within easy reach of under-five children in hard to reach communities by interviewing beneficiaries like caregivers, community resource persons, CDCs, Community Leaders,

stakeholders from the Federal Ministry of Health, State Primary Healthcare Development Board, Christian Aid Staff and Partner Staff.

  1. Highlight the barriers to access to affordable, holistic health care services in the beneficiary community.
  2. Highlight issues that remain a threat to the health of vulnerable population (children under five and women) in the beneficiary communities.
  3. Document calls to action to the government from people in the community to stakeholders to step-in and support the work done by Christian Aid to ensure sustainability. Deliverables
  4. An 8-minute documentary (with subtitles) highlighting impact of the PICH project on the children under the age of five, the Community Resource Persons, the Caregivers, Community Leaders and the entire community. The documentary should also highlight barriers to health access in the project communities as well as issues that pose threats to the health of the children. The Documentary should combine voiceover and testimonial using the story format.
  5. An 3-minutes animation using the story format to tell the human story with focus on a specific case to depict the problem and challenges faced by remote communities in accessing health services for under-five children. The animation will combine interviews, pictures, voiceover and graphics to showcase the impact of the project.
  6. Two shorter montage videos that can be used on social media. The videos will tell specific human stories of how the PICH project positively impacts life. How the project has affected a community resource person’s (CORP) life, service to community, status, sense of usefulness etc. Video should not be more than 2 minutes.
  7. Still photos documenting the work done by the Community Resource Persons, the conditions of children in the communities where we work, the lives of the caregivers who access the services on behalf of their children and the overall outlook of the communities where we work. Photos must include the name of the subject and a caption relevant to the photo.
  8. At least three, one-minute video clips for use on Social Media. Clips must contain any of the following: a testimony on the impact of the project, quotes from beneficiaries for the implementers of the project, comparisons on life in the communities before and after the commencement of the project, requests from the communities where there are any.
  9. All photos, video clips, animations and documentaries will be presented to Christian Aid Nigeria in an external hard drive with full rights vested in Christian.
  10. Consent must be sought from all respondents during the interview process and the consultant is required to submit signed consent from the respondents at the end of the process
  11. Where translation is required, the consultant must engage the services of a translator at no extra charge to Christian Aid Nigeria and ensure that finished work is presented in English language with sub-titles. Key Requirements

An inception report detailing work plan, timelines and resources required for completion of the job by the consultant as well as a list of stakeholders/beneficiaries to be interviewed will be required from the successful applicant before the work is commenced. Terms of Engagement

  1. Budget should be all inclusive; Christian Aid will not be responsible for accommodation, feeding or transportation to the State
  2. All photos, video clips, documentary, raw files remain the exclusive right of Christian Aid Nigeria.
  3. 60% of the total cost agreed will be paid at the commencement of the process, 40% will be paid on satisfactory completion of the job
  4. A 10% withholding tax will be deducted from the total amount agreed for a registered firm and 5% for individual consultant.
  5. All production costs incurred will be covered from the consultancy fee
  6. The documentary must be completed within three weeks from the day the consultant is engaged

How to Apply

Interested parties should submit their proposals to [email protected], [email protected] The title of the email should be PICH Project End of Project Documentary. Proposals, detailed budget and links to previous work should be sent in in the same mail for review. All proposals should be sent in by Monday 8th July 2019