Africa World Airlines. Recruits PILOT(FIRST OFFICER)

Africa World Airlines is recruiting a team of “new generation” individuals to turn our vision into reality.
This is an exciting job opportunity for a candidate with the required skills who wishes to join Africa World Airlines. The First Officer’s task is to operate the aircraft together with the Captain in a safe and economical manner.  In the event of Commander Incapacitation, the highest ranking Co-Pilot assigned to the light shall assume command. The position reports directly to the Chief Pilot.
·         Responsible for Safety and Security of the aircraft, passengers and Cargo on board in line with his/her duties

·         Maintain familiarity with AWA’s Operations Manual in order to fulfill job role professionally and safely

·         Assist the Captain as requested, concerning any administrative duties in relation to the light

·         Support the Captain in the maintenance of a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance

·         Carry out such duties concerning the light in accordance with AWA’s operating policies and procedures as allocated to him by the Captain

·         Responsible for confirmation of the safe navigation of the aircraft, maintaining a continuous and independent check upon the geographical position of the aircraft, ensuring its safe terrain and weather clearance

·         Conduct the light in compliance with the current light plan, SOPs and the captain’s instructions when the Captain is not at the controls, and to subsequently notify the Captain of any change to the current light plan upon his return

·         Advice, inform and assist the Captain whenever necessary in order to contribute favorably towards the safe and efficient conduct of the light

·         Maintain a high personal standard of discipline, conduct and appearance as a representative of Africa World Airlines at all times

·         Carry out pre-light checks of aircraft systems and make sure the aircraft insurance certificates and other legal paperwork are up to date.

·         Ability to understanding technical detail

·         Strong aptitude for mathematics and mental calculation

·         Good eye – hand co-ordination to handle the aircraft skillfully

·         Ability to think quickly and make quick decisions and work calmly under pressure Ability to give clear, confident instructions to crew members and passengers

·         Ability to inspire confidence in both passengers and crew

·         Flexibility in working hours

·         Physically it with excellent vision, including normal colour vision

·         Self-motivation and the determination to succeed

·         High degree of discipline and teamwork is an essential element of the job

·         A minimum of 250 hours total flying time

·          Valid ICAO CPL/ATPL with EMB145 type-rating or Valid Ghana CPL/ATPL 

·         ATPL is a plus

·          Valid passport

·          Valid/current  Medical Certificate (Class one)

·          No history of incidents/accidents

·         Must provide a letter from your current/previous employer or CAA

·          Minimum ICAO Level 4  English proficiency

·         No criminal  history.

Must  provide  a  notarized  and  authenticated proof of no criminal history document from your home country (Non-Ghanaians

Contact Phone: 0307 012 024
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