Cuso International in Nigeria Job Vacancy for Organizational Development Advisor-Calabar

The overall purpose of this placement is to provide support to the Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CAFAN) in the areas of organizational development, co-operative formation, and to provide managerial support to CAFAN members (Small scale entrepreneurial farmers) who are contributing to the supply of agricultural products as part of an Outgrower’s scheme. As the Organizational Development Advisor, you will be playing a key role to advance the objectives of the Youth Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Access and Development (YouLead) project.

The YouLead project is a 5-year collaborative initiative between Cuso International and implementing partners to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship in natural resource sectors of agriculture, forestry, ecotourism and aquaculture in CRS, Nigeria. The project is aligned with the CRS government’s vision to address high youth unemployment and rural-urban drift of young women and men through the sustainable development of priority natural resources and economic sectors. In support of this vision the project aims to improve the capacity of young women and men to develop businesses and engage in the labour force, and to foster the enabling environment required to create ‘greener jobs in a greener economy’.

The 2 primary objectives of this position are to:

-To provide organizational support to CAFAN and its members across the various chapters; and

-To strengthen/ establish cooperative groups

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Carry out an organizational capacity assessment for CAFAN and members
  • Carry out Training Needs Assessments of CAFAN leadership and support the development of a Capacity Building Plan
  • Support the formation of Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Advise CAFAN and their members on team formation and implementation of Agricultural Cooperative models
  • Provide support to CAFAN/Anchor Borrowers Program (ABP) Project Management Team on prescribed trainings on Farming as a business, improved agricultural practices and Group management dynamics

Essential Academic Qualifications:

Qualifications in Agricultural related Discipline, Business Management & Administration or relevant qualification

Essential Professional Background:

  • 2 years or more experience in group formation
  • Experience in organizational management
  • Extensive experience in Cooperative formation and
  • Critical thinking, active listening & learning skill
  • Positive and realistic commitment to learning
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Self-assurance, Flexibility and adaptability
  • Experience in Organizational Development
  • Leadership and team building training
How to apply:
Use the link below to apply…

Closing date: 11 Oct 2017