Careers at First City Monument Bank Plc

The Bank seeks to recruit individuals who are SKILLED, CREATIVE, MOTIVATED, FLEXIBLE and COMMITTED as a necessity for gaining competitive advantage. These professionals are expected to achieve superior and sustainable performance through the Bank’s values and through building trusting relationships.

For further details on FCMB HR or to apply for a role at FCMB, kindly contact us by sending an email or

28 thoughts on “Careers at First City Monument Bank Plc

  1. I will love to work with your establishment,the job fits my capacities,educational qualification.You may reach me at 07063660533,l will be very grateful if the opportunity is giving to me.Thanks for having my time and consideration.

  2. I’m well talented in the field of banking system. I finished my O’level with excellent in my accounting book. There’s a statement i always bear in mind; ‘credit giver and debit receiver’. furthermore i had a skill of computer and well analystical in the field of bank statement. I will be glad if call to be recruit. Thanks.

  3. Fcmb is one establishment i have always dreampt to work cos they are so organised, neat,clever and focused workers,i will love to be a team of this great establishment(FCMB).pls kindly contact me on this numbers 08061228723 or 08154703611

  4. Your establishment is one of the best in d banking industry. I will gladly be part of your establishment because I know I have the potential Ɣ☺ΰ require. Am optimistic for a favorable reply. my number is 08037359750.

  5. I will love to be a team of fcmb.i hold a B.Eng degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.i will be grateful,if you can recruit phone no.08061553542.

  6. My dream and ambition is to pursue my career with financial institution that offers excellent learning opportunities, gives room for demonstration talent and promote creativity. I have no doubt in my mind that FCMB is one of such organisation. I welcome an opportunity to join your establishment. Thank you for consideration. My number is 07034486740

  7. I am 30 year old,
    i have deploma in business admin,
    BSC in view.
    I can perform very well with the banking job, from a good home background.
    If my service is needed please contact me with this number 08062762888 OR my e-mail is.

  8. I will be happy to work wijh your bank. Thanks for your anticipated consideration. 08037132291.

  9. I will love to work with FCMB in the operation department. I have 2 years working experience with finbank plc. I have Bsc Economics. I will be happy if i am given the opporturnity to work with you

  10. I will like and love to be part of the team who make things happened in fcmb and I believed God that through me, fcmb will move forward. Thank You.

  11. I love FCMB and would love to be associated with the Bank by contributing my own quota to bring FCMB to limelight. Thank you.

  12. Would luv to work as a team with ur bank its gives me the opPortunity to serve effectivelY understanding d goals of your Organisation and giving your customers best service and satisfaction there bY retaining their contact is 08062736373.thank you
    For giving me the opportunity tO be apart of your great team.

  13. I love FCMB and would love to be associated with the Bank by contributing my own quota to bring FCMB

  14. In this opportunity, i believe that my strong experience and education will make me adequate to be recruit and other key strengths and characteristics which add to my portfolio. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  15. Am an HND graduate n I just finished my one year service.I will love 2work with ur bank.My numbers are 08055374822 n 08039695981

  16. i will love to work with fcmb because is my bank and i want to be the part of the team that will take the bank to the next level.fcmb for live.this is my numbers’ 08028960415,07065395559.

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