Job Opportunities at Global Links

Global Links was founded in 1989 by three women activists. Soon after, the trio made three critical decisions: (1) to focus the organization’s efforts on recovery of surplus from hospitals, breaking from the traditional model that relies on competing for donations from a limited pool of medical manufacturers’ surplus; (2) to seek to establish long term programs in targeted countries within a limited geographic area, rather than organizing scatter-shot donations which have little sustained impact on a hospital’s or a region’s capacity to provide better care over time; and (3) to rely on volunteers to accomplish the bulk of the labor intensive sorting, preparation and packaging of the recovered materials.

Job openings

Federal community service/work study positions are available for local university students; please inquire at your university student employment/work study office.


Internship opportunities at Global Links are listed below. To apply for any of these positions, please complete the Student Inquiry Form and submit the form and all requested documentation outlined in the intership posting by email to Global Links.

Producing Progam Videos – click for details.

Communicating Public Health Challenges and Successes – click for details.

Communications: Create a Photo Catalog – click for details.

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Wheelchair mechanics are needed – click here for details.

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