Are you a smart, dynamic individual with a passion for all things interactive, new and technology driven? Do you want to change the way we interact with technology in order to make our lives easier? Do you want to work at one of the coolest, most cutting edge and innovative media companies on the continent? Are you studying for a career in business information technology, engineering or digital media? Are you nodding your head vigorously as you read this?
If you’ve got the brains and the ambition we’ve got just the thing for you; the DStv Graduate Recruitment Programme.
If being at the forefront of cutting edge, ever-advancing technologies is your dream, DStv Graduate Programme’s bursaries and graduate placements can make that dream a reality.
Share this incredible opportunity with your friends and fellow students.
The programme focuses on graduates studying engineering, IT or interactive media and was created to encourage students to enter the exhilarating Information & Communications technology (ITC) industry. Successful candidates will get to work at DStv during their holidays and have the potential of being offered permanent positions after they have graduated. DStv is actively changing the technology landscape in SA, come and explore our world and the opportunities it holds for you.
(http://dstv.gradx.net/user/register) if you’d like to make a difference and be an active player in the truly awesome expansion of technology that is revolutionising the way we work and play.


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