Talent Agenda Series: Recruiting Excellence for Africa Conference 2014

Top HR and business leaders will gather to optimise their Talent Agendas on sourcing, engaging and selecting the best local, regional and international talent for Africa.
1: Recruiting Excellence for Africa: Leading Edge Recruitment
In a market where the competition to recruit and retain the best is unprecedented, leading employers are seeking to create a Talent Agenda which supports their strategic objectives.
With the support of leading HR, marketing and management professionals, we will discuss:
The significance of social media in sourcing top talent for Africa
How far Employee Value Proposition can impact the Talent Acquisition process
Whether new threats and new opportunities have created new selection techniques
2: Recruiting Excellence for Africa: Hiring the Outliers
In this session, our expert panel of recruitment specialists will explore the sourcing, engagement and selection responses to the need for high potential, diverse Talent that fits company culture.
We will discuss:

Innovative, successful models for sourcing the rarest profiles and finding the most sought-after candidates
Translating strategy into Employee Value Proposition and Employee Value Proposition into recruitment
How to select beyond the CVs for talent that will fit into your corporate culture