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Simplytrak provide both hardware and software tools to monitor flow of fuel through pipes via flow meters,  fuel levels and behavior in fuel dumps using Automatic tank gauging systems, Fuel Control Systems that are connected to fuel dispensers to monitor each and every liter of fuel that is dispensed from a fuel dispenser, and also, RFID tags that are installed on the fuel inlets of vehicles to uniquely identify each and every vehicle that receives fuel. We provide end to end Fuel Accountability and Fleet Management Solutions. From the point of receiving bulk supplies of fuel, to the point that the last drop is consumed, we provide hardware, and middleware that have the ability to monitor the information remotely, and relay the data to our servers, then we make the information available to our customers through a very friendly Graphical User Interface (Software Suite)
Manager (Human Resources)
Manager (Finance/Accounts & Administration)
Business Development/Sales Manager
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