Apply for ABInBev Global MBA Program

Our Global MBA Program is a 1 year high potential leadership program that hires MBAs into a specific business area with the long-term potential to move cross-functionally and geographically throughout your career with us.  It is a kick start of a fast-paced career, where opportunities for growth and movement are only limited by your ambition and ability to deliver results.
You pursued an MBA because you knew you wanted more: more responsibility, more impact, and more challenges. The GMBA Program gives you all of that while helping you learn and grow in your career faster than you imagined. Some examples of first roles for this program are: innovation manager, global finance manager, and experiential marketing manager, among others.

Program highlights:

Global induction
The program begins with a one-week global induction at our Global Management office in New York City where you’ll meet and engage with our senior leadership including our CEO and C-level executives. You will meet your fellow GMBAs from all over the world and in smaller groups start to tackle an Innovation Challenge.
Innovation challenge
You will put your entrepreneurial mindset to the test, regardless of the area you are working in.  We take innovation seriously and believe there are opportunities in every function. Your innovation challenge will help you learn design thinking and disruptive growth tactics to deliver your big idea. You’ll pitch your Innovation to the Global Management Committee during the Capstone week at the end of your first year.
Deep Dives across the world
The program also offers two deep dives. Each deep dive is a one-week immersion in one of our geographic Zones to learn about the best practices of that market, including Sales, Marketing, Supply— giving you an unparalleled insight into different areas of our business across the world. It is also an opportunity to reunite with all of your fellow GMBAs from around the world for 2 more full weeks.
To end the year, you will have time with our CEO and C-level executives to provide your insights and ask tough questions. You will present your year-long Innovation Challenge to our Global leaders.
Career paths
Although we don’t believe in set career paths, because as owners you create your own path, we do provide you with an assigned mentor from our senior leadership team to advise and guide your career journey.

The Global MBA summer internship

We’re about more than just credentials. We want people who believe in our culture, our values and our ten principles. Many of our most senior leaders started right where you are. And even though going through the GMBA Internship Program first isn’t an absolute requirement, it’s the best way for you to get to know who we are and what we stand for.
The 10-12 week summer internship is the pipeline for our full-time Global MBA Program. Starting with a global induction in our New York office including interaction with our CEO and many of our Global leaders. Based on your interests and strengths, you will be assigned a strategic project within a function. The project outcome will be presented to senior leaders at the end of the internship. Successful interns have the potential to receive a full-time offer at the conclusion of the internship.

Who are we looking for?

The most ambitious and the brightest. MBAs from top-ranking business schools with diverse backgrounds. People who want to be challenged and are challenging. MBAs who aren’t afraid to work outside of their comfort zone. Competitive, adaptive and go-getters who can think analytically, communicate candidly and work well in an informal environment.

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