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Pricing & Analytics Manager At MTN Nigeria-Lagos

MTN Nigeria, one of the leading telecommunication company in the country currently recruits for the position of :
job title Pricing & Analytics Manager
job description
• To ensure that strategic/marketing decision-making is supported by an accurate, efficient and effective marketing/financial modeling information support system, as well as leveraging internal and external research
• Extract value from what we already have by focusing on optimizing processes within the Unit/Department in line with the value creation philosophy. This includes individual contributions and recommendations to improve existing business project/initiative, capital/budget efficiency activities within the Unit, contracts review and negotiation in collaboration with the Procurement team, structural changes within the Unit etc.
• Drive Innovation by identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., by stimulating and encouraging new business opportunities, launch of products, product/process innovation, business model innovation etc.
• Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by influencing stakeholders within your immediate ecosystem for MTNN’s benefit. This includes participation in credible external think-tank sessions, involvement in inter-divisional focus Group sessions to improve business performance etc.
• Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the larger national macro environment by participating in CSR projects and/or NGO’s, involvement in recognized professional institutions, think-tank activities etc.
• Role model the vital behaviours needed to sustain organisational performance and drive people management activities by being the principal coach for your direct reports using the people management framework. Participate in employee engagement projects such as mentorship, facilitating programs, etc. In addition, support recruitment, on boarding and grievance management processes etc.
• Support the Shareholder return strategy by developing and implementing Marketing Processes that are aligned to achieving all elements on the business score card. (I.e. Grow Market Share, Grow ICT & Data Revenue, Increase EBITDA margins, Assure Revenue, CAPEX Returns Management and Net Subscriber Additions).
• Participate in the review of Business Processes (headcount, process optimisation, etc.), to drive efficiency gains to ensure at least 5% reduction in Divisional budget year-on-year.
• Review the budget process and ensure that quality drivers/assumptions for business plans and the business rules are correctly applied to the process and the forecasting scenarios.
• Use market analysis, customer satisfaction and internal service costing data to develop and manage value based pricing strategies across the full range of MTNN products and services.
• Review market and internal conditions, analyse data for use for developing business cases and develop strategic technology, market and financial plans.
• Serve the Division’s internal customers and provide solutions to improve the customer experience.
• Strategic Partnerships with MTNN leadership team to drive awareness on expected behaviours and impact on non-compliance on bottom line results and company image/reputation.
• Drive planned strategy for the successful delivery of MTN Group and MTNN transformation initiatives focusing on Customer centricity, including Perfect 10 Project.
• Drive an increase in MTNN’s Net Promoter Score.
• Promote a sustainable organizational culture that enhances employee productivity and oversee the management of the year on year performance of all dimensions of the Group Culture Audit
• Network and build solid relationships with internal units and relevant third parties (e.g. strategic investors, technical and finance partners, business consultants etc.) and develop a close working relationship with relevant information sources to provide an integrated service.
• Collaborate with other business units in developing business models and frameworks that support business decisions and business planning and assist in developing and reviewing scenarios within the models.
• Liaise cross functionally with Finance in the overall business planning, budget and reforecast process
• Present information in a structure that allows management to crystallize issues and articulate marketing strategy
• Advise stakeholders of future trends, future revenue streams, and future cost streams
• Review and evaluate trends and advances in telecom technology markets and provide product feasibility and forecasts and develop business case.
• Estimate economic lives and depreciation schedules for telecoms investment.
• Use relevant metrics and measures to routinely monitor pricing of products and services and the billing system with a view to providing insight into the competitiveness and responsiveness of MTNN products and services.
• Review information generated through the intelligence system and solve any related information problems and access secondary data sources to correct or complete intelligence information.
• Develop optimal pricing models for all MTN N products and services
• Execute data analytics that lead to the distillation of key business issues
• Develop and manage a process that drives information dissemination with marketing teams
• Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.
• Coach and train the team to ensure understanding of the objectives and goals of the department, awareness of set targets/requirements and regularly review their training needs.
• Review performance of individual team members and complete appraisals in accordance with the employee performance appraisal procedures and time schedules.
• Identify training requirements of team members, develop program to address knowledge gaps and to enrich knowledge repository within the department.
job condition
• Normal MTNN working conditions
• May be required to work extended hours
• Frequent driving (a valid driver’s licence is required)
Experience & Training
• A first degree in Economics, Accounting or a related discipline
• Minimum of 3 years post degree
• Fluent in English
• Minimum 6 years’ experience which includes:
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialisation; with experience in supervising/managing others
• Experience working in a medium to large organization
• Strong talent for drawing up conclusions and recommendations from complex set of data
• Hands-on experience in accounting and financial forecasting
• Computer literacy: Microsoft Office Suite
• Project Management
• Research methodology
Minimum qualification BA, BEd, BSc or HND
apply employment status department unit state location

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