Job Vacancy for Secretary General At Aargnet-Lagos

Main Responsibilities:
1. General
1.1 Coordinate overall interaction between member firms and with AFAI HQ.
1.2 Overall responsibility for coordinating regional marketing and other strategy for growth, expansion and presence within the region
1.3 Ensure that the ALFI ARG has the resources (human, material and financial) to operate as effectively as possible.
2. Management (HR) and Administrative
2.1 Promote diversity and equality of opportunity in all ALFAI (including ALFAI ARG) operational practices and activities within the region
2.2 Coordinate exchange programs and placements across member firms
2.3 Collate and implement, with the input of members, ALFAI (including ALFAI ARG) culture where everyone is valued and equipped to function as a member of ALFAI
3. Finance
3.1 Process invoices and payments
3.2 Handle petty cash, including receipts and petty cash book
3.3 Prepare report for review of income/expenditure in line with budget on quarterly basis
3.4 Reconcile cash book income/expenditure with monthly bank statements and follow up on outstanding items
4. Meetings
4.1 Prepare and circulate in advance documents/information required for annual ALFAI ARG meetings
4.2 Prepare and circulate in advance documents/information required for monthly teleconference Council meetings
4.3 Attend meetings, prepare timelines and undertake follow up action arising from the meeting
4.4 Minute taking
5. Membership
5.1 Generate and distribute annual renewal notices
5.2 Process new subscription requests and renewals (including subscription requests for the journal)
5.3 Maintain and update membership database
5.4 Maintain and update membership information on website
5.5 Prepare reports and analysis of membership statistics for review
5.7 Prepare members’ distribution lists for the ALFAI ARG journal
5.8 Produce and distribute online Members Directory
5.9 Develop membership strategies to engage and increase membership
5.10 Together with designated member(s), review membership structure and fees
6. Strategic Plan
6.1 Manage the implementation and delivery of the strategic plan in conjunction with members
6.2 Review progress on a regular basis and take appropriate action in order to ensure ARG remains on target
7. Projects
7.1 Co-ordinate drafting and issue public statements on matters related to the ALFAI ARG mandate in consultation with designated member(s)
7.2 Co-ordinate and organize regional events:
• Workshops
• Seminars
• Conferences
• Client seminars
7.3 Identification of suitable short, medium and long-term cost-effective projects in which ARG can become involved taking into account available resources and project outcomes
7.4 Draft and execute, with the input of members, project funding strategies
7.5 make the relevant funding application and monitoring progress of same
7.6 Where funding available and appropriate, recruit and manage project officer to oversee specific activities or projects
10. Social Media
10.1 Create and manage accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn
10.2 Update and monitor Twitter and LinkedIn accounts on regular basis.
11. Publicity, Liaison and Others
11.1 Deal with enquiries by telephone and email;
11.2 Maintain effective networks and working partnerships with all members, clients, ALFAI and other ALFAI regional groups;
11.3 Raise the profile of the ARG and its work within the legal profession across the region;
11.4 Seek opportunities to expand and promote the role of the ARG and ensure the ARG is presented in an appropriate and professional manner;
11.5 Attend other ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ ARG, legal and other meetings where appropriate to the growth and progress of the ARG.
Application Deadline: 31st July 2017
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
How to Apply:
-Â Secretary General ( [email protected] )