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International Operations Career Opportunities :ChildFund -15 Positions

ChildFund International is inspired and driven by the potential that is inherent in all children, the potential not only to survive but to thrive, to bring positive change for those around them.

Our work began in 1938 with an effort to support orphanages for the children who had been left without homes or families in the wake of the second Sino-Japanese War.

These orphanages were funded by individuals in America who “sponsored” an orphaned child in China. What began as a modest effort to sustain orphanages has evolved into a global force working for children encompassing the globe.

In recent decades, our approach has evolved into one of community development, focused on strengthening families and community structures that make up a child’s environment. The heart of ChildFund remains the one-to-one connection made when a child is sponsored, which makes possible our work to improve children’s lives.

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ChildFund considers all applicants without regard to race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, marital status, or physical or mental disability. We are an international non-profit, non-sectarian, equal opportunity employer.