Facebook handle Dan Nebechi hacked and Changed to Dan Alexander Nebechi

Facebook handle Dan Nebechi hacked

The general public is hereby warned not to respond to any chat coming from Dan Nebechi as the account was hacked Wednesday 27-11-2019)Nov 27, 2019 by hoodlums using the following mobile numbers,
Their admin number on WhatsApp : 08142997134
Their other number: 08161216840

08107949023, my account was hacked this particular numbe

they have been sending messages to unsuspected public about certain investment and telling them to invest and get double their amount within two hours,

Please ignore them totally and be on the know that it is not coming from me.

You can always contact me directly for any enquiries on 2348037028374
Please share this message on your Facebook handle and other social media platforms to save others from failing victims to the pranks of these hoodlums.

They use names like Dan Alex Nebechi to lure people to their trap. Alex have never been attached to my name.

The Facebook ID was changed again to bear Dan Alexander Nebechi with phone number ending in 372

Please share to save others.

Facebook and WhattsApp have also been communicated about this.