Why Your Referees May be Stopping You From Getting That Dream Job

Why Your Referees May be Stopping You From Getting That Dream Job
Very often I see CVs from Job applicants listing their Head of Department at college as a referee when applying for professional and competitive jobs. Browse 4 Employments, Careers & Jobs in West Africa
Your referees and the quality of the persons you use determine how to some extent the hiring organization will look at your application. Have you been penning down just anybody you know from your university days as your referee. Then you have been making a costly mistake.
Before choosing a person to use as your referee for a job application here are questions you ought to ask yourself and find the right answers;
• Are the Referees you Wish to Use Influential or Accomplished Persons in that Particular Industry or Sector to which You Aspire? For example if you wish to get a good job in the telecommunications sector are your intended referees professionals and accomplished experts in that sector? It will do you no good to use your former high school principal who has little or no influence or recognition in the industry of telecommunications.

You will benefit more if you know any accomplished person working in telecommunications who will accept to stand as your referee. Such a person could be a consultant, top employee in the industry or active shareholder in the industry etc. If a respected industry insider acts as your referee it gives the recruiting company the confidence that you might be a good prospect for the job. So you have to answer the questions before choosing your referees;

- Are They Worth Using as Referees?
- Are they Achievers
- Are they Respected in the Industry?
Why Firms Consider the Kind of Referees You Use
The fact that an accomplished person in an industry agreed to endorse you as a referee will send the signal to the company that you must be worth something.
This is because it is for such accomplished individuals to stand for you means that they are willing to stake their reputation on you. When they eventually get contacted by the hiring company they stand by you and recommend you for the job.
Believe me, there are recommendations that give applicants edge over others simply because these recommendations come from respected practitioners in the industry.
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