Japaul Oil& Maritime Services Nigeria Plc Recruits Dredge Engineer (Lead)

Job description

Main duties and responsibilities:

  1. Ensure professional attendance to operations of all machinery on the dredge.
    1. Maintains engine room equipment.
    2. Ensure timely and cost effective maintenance of all machinery
    3. Ensure that all preventive maintenance programmes are executed.
    4. Give weekly updates on status of all major machinery aboard.
    5. Effect first level and initiate second level maintenance activities
    6. Motivate and provide leadership for other technical hands on the dredge.
    7. Ensuring that tools and spares on the dredge are properly accounted for and requests for replenishment made in good time.
    8. Ensure that all machinery and equipment are operated and maintained in a safe, efficient and economical manner.
      1. Checks all engines for water and oil and other related routine activities.
      2. Checks fire pumps for proper operation.
      3. Training and supporting your subordinates to ensure their best understanding and performance of their roles and duties.
      4. To ensure proper planning to provide maximum availability of the dredge for operations.


  1. Minimum of 8 years field experience in the dredging or maritime industry.
  2. Must be conversant and familiar with Programmable Logic Controls
  3. Must hold a minimum of Advanced Diploma in marine/mechanical engineering – preferably a degree holder.