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Paystack’s mission is to accelerate digital commerce across Africa. We do this in partnership with our customers, who represent some of the most forward-thinking organizations on the continent. To do this, we’re rewriting much of the fundamental infrastructure that underpins how trade happens.

While we’ve had significant early success, it’s still very much day 1 at Paystack. We have a thrilling amount of opportunity ahead of us to quite literally transform how commerce happens across the continent. And we need your help.

Paystack is a mission-driven company, which means that we find ourselves returning to a similar set of questions in everything we do. If you already find yourself thinking about a few of the following questions, chances are high that you’ll love your work at Paystack.

Paystack is expanding into numerous African countries, not for the thrill of planting our flag, but because of what this will mean for cross-border trade. 

Today, it’s easier for a Nigerian customer to purchase clothes from Europe than it is for them to do business with a merchant in nearby Togo. Why is this? And how can we fix it? How can we help a merchant in Ghana find their customers in Cote d’Ivoire? How can we help a merchant in Kenya find their customers in South Africa?

When Paystack helped make automated recurring billing mainstream in Nigeria, it made possible completely new business models, such as digital subscriptions for media companies. 

Which other industries can we help create on the back of new technology? Which new frontiers would merchants in Africa pursue, if they had better tools?

Lots of value flows through the global economy every day, but most Africans are cut off from this wealth-creation engine. How can we help African merchants find their customers internationally? In fact, how can we help African businesses go toe-to-toe with the best companies in the world, and win?

At the same time, teams all over the world are building amazing productivity and life-enhancing tools and services, but African customers can’t take advantage of those tools because much of our financial infrastructure is cut off from the global economy. How can Paystack serve as a bridge between Africa and the rest of the world?

One of the biggest limiting factors to the growth of our business, as well as our merchants’ business, is talent. But there’re hidden gems all over the continent. How do we reliably discover them?

And then once they join the team, how do we intentionally empower and invest in them to do the best work of their lives?

Solving Africa’s biggest payments challenges, one commit at a time. We’re building simple, powerful tools to connect African businesses with customers all over the world — and we’d love your help

Open Positions

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Product Specialist (Mandarin)

We’re looking for entrepreneurial, empathetic analysts to help drive growth for some of Paystack’s fastest-growing merchants.Growth Full-time Nigeria


Deadline: Sun 16 Feb. 2020

Senior Finance Analyst(Nigeria)

As the Senior Finance Analyst at Paystack, you’ll be working on the daily reconciliation of transactions processed on Paystack, managing merchant receivables, and validation of bank statements and balances.Business Full-time Nigeria


Deadline: Fri 07 Feb. 2020