Impact and Markets Specialist at Nuru International

Impact and Markets Specialist

Closing date :February 14, 2020

Job Overview:

  • Reports to: Team Leader
  • Employment type: Full-time with benefits
  • Term: 2 year contract in a field intensive role
  • Start Date: Q1 2020

The Impact and Markets Specialist is a key member of Nuru International’s scaffolding around Nuru Nigeria. The role focuses on capacity building of the Nuru Nigeria Impact team and coordinates the implementation of Nuru’s holistic programming in Nigeria. They work closely with local and international subject matter experts to deploy and implement interventions by, with and through local counterparts to demonstrate their relevance, effectiveness and impact on local communities.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Mentor, train and collaborate closely with emerging and established program leaders to ensure sustainable and impactful interventions
  • Project management and staff management capacity building with counterparts in areas of business planning, micro-finance modeling, small business financial management, agricultural production and other technical areas core to the Nuru impact model
  • Plan, adapt and implement impact interventions to meet needs in local Nigerian communities together with local partners through Nuru’s Program Planning Process
  • Implement impact interventions through an initial cycle and demonstrate impact
  • Achieve these facilities in a way that is sustainable and able to scale up according to Nuru’s quality solutions criteria
  • Collaborate effectively with a remote-based team of subject matter experts to navigate what will be an uncertain, complex and trying environment
  • Put the needs of farmers and local communities first, and demonstrate this throughout all aspects of navigating work and life in rural Nigeria

Required Skills and Attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in project management, business, or a field closely related to Nuru’s core areas in rural livelihoods or financial inclusion; MBA strongly preferred
  • Rural livelihoods and rural business experience preferred; Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Former Volunteers of the Voluntary Service Overseas strongly encouraged to apply.
  • 2 – 4 years prior experience living and working in sub-Saharan Africa, with 2 – 3 years of experience in training and capacity building of host-country nationals preferred
  • Former management consultants (or people with similar experience quickly getting up to speed on a project, working across functions, and solving problems) are preferred.
  • Ability to highly respect and learn from other cultures and to integrate into those cultures seamlessly
  • High commitment to Nuru International’s mission and theory of change
  • Ability to operate effectively in unfamiliar and dangerous situations
  • Ability to do crisis management and rapid, innovative problem solving in uncertain environments
  • Ability to build deep relationships with a variety of different partners and stakeholders
  • Self-starter with ability to cope with a high level of stress and ambiguity, think on their feet, and demonstrate resilience
  • Ability to make difficult decisions with limited information on a tight timeline
  • Highest level of responsibility, discipline, and personal integrity

How to Apply

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Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Nuru International is an Equal Opportunity Employer.