BBC Media Action:Training Proposal Presenters, Ukraine

Training Proposal Presenters, Ukraine

Job Title: Trainer / mentor for presenters

Contract: Freelance

Salary: Please include a financial proposal including daily rate, expected number of days

Number of trainees: up to 15

Training duration: maximum of 5 days per training proposed, excluding preparation and reporting

Dates: March / April / May 2020 (TBC)

Deadline for application: 08 March 2020

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv

Interested candidates should send their CV and a one-page cover letter specifying how you meet the skills, knowledge and experience requirements (PDF or Microsoft Word format) in English by email to: [email protected] – please include “Training Proposal Presenters – Ukraine” in the subject line and send by Tuesday 8th March 2020. 

Please include a one-page financial and technical proposal including daily rate, number of days required to complete the training, and a simple breakdown of training days and what they cover in relation to the project aims below. Where outlined skills in the project aims require a series of training please mention this in your breakdown.

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development organisation, uses the power of media and communication to inform, connect and empower people around the world, helping them to shape their own lives. BBC Media Action is independent from the BBC, but shares the BBC’s fundamental values and has partnerships with the BBC World Service and national broadcasters that reach millions of people in developing countries.

Project Summary

BBC Media Action is seeking trainers to support its project implementation in Ukraine.BBC Media Action is currently implementing a project that supports broadcasters in Ukraine to improve their newsroom outputs and create a permanent base for quality and objective news content across all platforms and segments (television, radio, and social media).

Project aims

The project aims to provide presenters with a set of skills to improve their news outputs. A planned series of trainings targeted at the presenters will help them gain skills in the following:

  • Presenting news in a way that is engaging, entertaining and readily understandable by a non-specialist audience, making complex issues accessible.
  • Interviewing reporters and local specialists/advocates/political figures/policy.
  • Researching, scripting and presenting output content that meets high journalistic standards.
  • Make the best use of new technology – in particular developments in social media.

Skills, knowledge and experience requirements:

  • Experience of presenting live news-based content as a presenter, correspondent or reporter.
  • A developed/specialist knowledge of a subject area, immediately understanding the impact of one story on the wider picture.
  • A balanced and unbiased judgement based on a thorough understanding of journalistic ethics.
  • Experience using broadcast and computer based technology in relation to presenting.

Incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.

If you have any questions, please send via email by 28 February 2020 with the subject line “Training Proposal Presenters – Ukraine”


Julie Boutros, Project Manager MEE, BBC Media Action

Email: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: 08 March 2020