Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
Provides psychiatric care for serving personnel in departments of community mental health and in the field.
The Job
Registered Mental Health Nurses in the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) manage a range of mental healthcare issues for soldiers in community-based teams. They are also deployed on operations in times of conflict and peacekeeping situations, so they must have the knowledge and skills to work in a variety of challenging scenarios.
The Right Job For Me?
Registered Nurses (Mental Health) are highly motivated individuals with a genuine interest in people, with a caring and personable manner. They must be reliable, honest and adaptable, with leadership potential and good powers of expression, both orally and in writing. Commissions are available for those who demonstrate leadership potential.
What Skills Will I Learn?
During your training and on operations, you will learn to work in a wide variety of challenging situations with a huge range of people, both military and civilian. Professional development is actively supported within your role.
What Training Will I Do?
Initial trainingYour military training begins at an ATR (Army Training Regiment). During the 14-week course you will learn military skills such as foot drill, how to handle and fire a weapon, how to live and work in the open and how to tackle an assault course, as well as developing your stamina and fitness. You will be stretched further than you thought possible and toughen up both physically and mentally. Having successfully mastered these basic military skills you will take your place in the Passing Out parade in front of an invited audience of parents, relatives and friends. Further trainingQualified Nurse Entrants are awarded Class 1 status on successful completion of initial training. All Direct Entrant Registered Nurses (Mental Health) are offered Professional Development courses, provided by the Army, at Birmingham City University. External courses in areas of specialist practice, provided by other universities and healthcare establishments throughout the UK, will also be funded subject to selection.

What Qualifications Could I Get?

The Professional Development courses provided by the Army allow Direct Entrant Registered Nurses (Mental Health) to expand their personal and professional development up to and including PhD level.
Future Prospects
Your initial posting will be to a Community Mental Health Care Team in the UK or overseas, where you will provide mental health nursing care to soldiers. If you are newly qualified you start work with a period of preceptorship. During this posting you are likely to be deployed overseas on operations to such places as Iraq, Bosnia or Afghanistan. With the experience of that posting under your belt, you will be able to apply for a Diploma or Degree in Community Mental Health or Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy, which could lead to a posting as a Community Psychiatric Nurse or Cognitive and Behaviour Therapist. You will start as a Lance Corporal with the acting rank of Corporal. Further promotion is based on ability, experience and recommendation. When you have at least two years’ post-registration experience and a recommendation, you may decide to apply for a commission in the QARANC.