Job Opportunities at NEITI

The NEITI Secretariat seeks a firm with significant experience and expertise in office cleaning
to clean the office at NEITI Secretariat which is located on the 4
floor at No. 1 Zambezi
Crescent Maitama, Abuja.
The firm is expected to be a registered company and should have significant experience in
office cleaning in Nigeria.
Interested firms are expected to send technical and financial bids and address to:
The Executive Secretary
No. 1, Zambezi Crescent,
Maitama, Abuja.
Job Schedule includes the following:

• Mopping of floors 2 times a day
• Cleaning, deodorizing of toilet floors and fittings (WCs, Wash basins, Sinks, Toilets
seats etc) (2 times daily).
• Cleaning and Shining of glass doors, glass windows, partition window sills and frames
(once daily).
• Daily cleaning and dusting of furniture (Chains and tables).
• Daily emptying and washing of trash bins, ashtrays etc. (evenings).
• Daily removal of cobwebs stains.
• Daily cleaning of paintings, frames and other ornamentals.
• Dusting of cabinets, telephones and computers.
• Ability to perform cleaning and tidying related tasks as assigned.
• Ability to provide standard cleaning materials that is, standard mops,
washing/cleaning agents, buckets, dusters, cleaning cloth etc.
Opening of bids will be at 12 noon, Friday 21-1-2011 and all interested companies are
invited to participate at the opening session.
Bids must be accompanied with:
1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. 3 years audited accounts
3. Tax clearance certificate
4. Evidence of previous work done
For further enquiries, please contact Bridget on 07033619640.
Management 1, Zambezi Crescent
Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street
Maitama, Abuja



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