Water Aid Request for proposal: video documentary in Nigeria

Pre-intervention case study video documentary for the Strengthening Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Delivery Systems (SWADS) project in Nigeria.

Deadline for submission: 10 January 2018

Access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygi huge challenge. WaterAid Nigeria is seeking to bring about change by facilitating and strengthening partnerships and collaborations to effectively deliver sustainable WASH services to the poorest and marginalised, including for persons living with disability in Bauchi State.

In order to capture the situation on ground, successfully assess the project’s impact, as well as monitor progress, change and effectiveness during and after implementation, WaterAid seeks to document pre-intervention stories and experiences to provide a baseline against which to measure successes and challenges during and after project implementation. The pre-intervention case studies will target state and local actors as well as communities.

For objectives, methodology and timelines, please consult the Terms of Reference >

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