Country Security and Safety Officer at Nigeria Sightsavers

Country Security and Safety Officer ( 24 Month Fixed Term Contract) Nigeria Sightsavers: Closing date10 Feb 2019
Role: Country Security and Safety Officer
Office Location: Kaduna, Nigeria
Contract: 24 months fixed term contract
Salary: Local Terms and Conditions apply
Sightsavers is recruiting for a Country Safety and Security Officer, reporting to the Global Head of Security. This role is responsible for the coordination of the country security plan within Nigeria. The Country Safety and Security Officer will ensure that local risk controls and standard operating procedures are adhered to and coordinates field safety. The position will be based in our office in Kaduna, Nigeria.
Key responsibilities for the Safety and Security Officer role include office security, domestic travel, international travel, communications and risk assessment. This is an important and varied role and duties will include:
  • Implementing and coordinating access control procedures
  • Managing office safety and security equipment such as fire and first aid kits and hibernation boxes
  • Coordinating journey management and conducting risk assessments on all journeys outside the office location
  • Acting as point of contact for traveller communications
  • Coordinating assessment of all hotels in Nigeria used by Sightsavers staff in line with SOPs
  • Coordinating and assessing all travel in Nigeria for international staff in conjunction with the Global Head of Security
  • Holding responsibilities for airport pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Delivering safety and security briefings to international visitors
  • Maintaining and updating the country welcome pack and arrivals brief
  • Holding the country emergency phone and maintaining the emergency communications system
  • Holding responsibility for all incident reporting within Nigeria
  • Coordinating country call tree, emergency contact lists and incident alert system
  • Assisting the GHoS and the Country Director in preparing risk assessments for current and new programmes
  • Attending INGO security forums as Sightsavers’ representative
  • Preparing monthly threat situational reports for the country director and GHoS
  • Coordinating vehicle safety checks in liaison with the lead driver
  • Ensuring all vehicles are registered and drivers are licensed
  • Ensuring all Sightsavers vehicles are equipped in line with SOPs
  • Responsibility for the vetting of third-party vehicle providers
  • Updating and maintaining approved hospital/clinic lists throughout Nigeria
  • Ensuring staff have appropriate medical equipment for domestic travel.
The ideal candidate will be a Nigerian national with a good understanding of operating in the central and northern states of Nigeria as well as having previous experience of working for an INGO. A security management qualification (CPP, PSP or equivalent) preferred.
Required skills include:
  • A good standard of spoken and written English
  • Previous police or military experience desirable due to wider contact network
  • Experience of conducting risk assessments
  • Solid understanding of physical security management processes.
Closing date: 10 February 2019
How to Apply
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Career category
Health / Safety and Security
Years of experience
3-4 years