Senior Engineer.Carrier and Roaming at 9Mobile,Abuja-Nigeria

Job: IRC3346


Job Title Senior Engineer.Carrier and Roaming
Location Abuja,NG
Job Summary

” Support all CS core network operation and maintenance activities to ensure required availability.
” Coordinate all CS core related troubleshooting, fault analysis and performance improvement measures – preventive maintenance.
” Coordinate all acceptance testing for all CS core node integrations.
” Oversee all CS core network audit and performance improvement/maintenance activities on the network.
” Ensure preventive measures are implemented to avert network downtime and service disruption on CS core network elements and links.
” Ensure vendor activities are in line with all agreed SLAs & KPIs.
Principal Functions

” Maintain maximum availability and reliability of the entire CS core network
” Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) on all CS core network related faults and complaints
” Promptly implement all interconnects and service requests with partners
” Coordinate software upgrades, patch installations and expansion activities on all CS core network nodes
” Support NOC/Field operations teams in all CS core related escalations
” Review all new CS core related features and its impact on existing network
” Ensure regular network performance improvement via key KPI’s such as LUSR, PSR, AUTHSR, CSR
” Regularly review B number analysis table across all CS core systems.
” Enforce strict conduct of Quarterly audit of all CS core node configurations and ensure implementation of all relevant recommendations
” Ensure all change requests are implemented timely and accurately by Vendor
” Carry out quarterly backup and restore tests on all CS core network elements.
” Continuously review all CS core operations frameworks, make recommendations for improvement and implement approved initiatives to ensure enhanced network performance.
” Recommend and implement strict measures to control fraudulent high usage activities of illegal inbound/outbound roamers on the network.
” Co-ordinate integration, daily operations and maintenance on MSC-S/ HSS/ MGW/ STP/ SPS/ SBC/ ITSC/ U2000/other CS core nodes.
” Ensure proper documentation of operations on all CS core network systems
” Maintain snag/fault lists and follow up with vendor on clearance.
” Co-ordinate and supervise all integrations implemented by EOT team on CS core nodes.
” Analyse performance reports and proactively resolve core network challenges.
” Supervise the implementation of software upgrades; file system upgrades; and hardware replacement on core network.
” Specify and review critical CS core performance measurement counters.
” Supervise the EOT team on the monitoring of alarms on CS core network nodes.
” Lead the troubleshooting of core network operations challenges and create solutions.
” Produce policies and procedures for managing and controlling managed services team.
” Perform periodic reconciliation of HLR profiles and templates in line with business requirements.
” Audit announcements and tone files between the IN platform and core network nodes.
” Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the Manager Core & Datacom.
Educational Requirements

” First degree or equivalent in Electrical/ Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and/ or any other relevant discipline.
” Between three (3) to five (5) years’ experience in Telecoms.
Experience,Skills & Competencies

” Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
” Excellent problem-solving skills.
” Good time management skills.
” Good reporting skills.
” Passion for Excellence
” Integrity
” Empowering people
” Growing people
” Team work
” Customer Form