SRD Vacancy for Reproductive Health Consultant (Nigeria Nationals only)

Reproductive Health Consultant (Nigeria Nationals only)

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Sustainable Research and Development (SRD)

The SRD Center is committed to quality and excellence in helping national and international agencies in the domains of education, health, and environment, to succeed through providing state-of-the art consultation services, exceptional capacity building opportunities, and sound implementation, monitoring, and post-project evaluation for humanitarian and development projects. The Center’s Head Office is located in Amman.

SRD Center seeks a consultant to contribute in a final project evaluation in order to assess a reproductive health project’s performance against its objectives and expected outcomes in Nigeria.

The estimated start date of the Contract is September 2019. The duration of the assignment will be approximately 3 months from the end of August 2019. Please note that CVs will be assessed on an ongoing basis and therefore qualified candidates are encouraged to send their CVs as early as possible.


The study will include focus group discussions, semi-structured in-depth interviews, or other qualitative methods ensuring triangulation of findings between data sources and existing research, as well as an initial literature review.

A screening questionnaire should be used to gather a preliminary profile of each respondent contacted during the recruitment process.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultant

  1. Contribute to the preparation of the inception report and literature review.
  2. Evaluate the thematic section of the country programme.
  3. Act as national coordinator and take part in the data collection during the design and field phases.
  4. Lead country team of enumerators.
  5. Be involved in the training of the data collection team and debriefing meeting.
  6. Deliver quality inputs on time.
  7. Responsible for drafting key parts of the design report and of the final evaluation report.

Competencies for the Consultant

· A minimum of Master’s Degree in Public Health, Demography, Reproductive Health, Gender and development studies or any other relevant field.

· Solid understanding of evaluation methodologies.

· Experience in conducting similar evaluation assignments in public health sector.

· Demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking and policy advice.

· Strong analysis and reporting skills.

· Must be committed to respecting deadlines of delivery of outputs within the agreed time frame.

· Must be able to work in a multidisciplinary team.

· Excellent facilitation skills.

Experience of the Consultant

  1. Should be an expert (with 10 years of experience) on in the field of reproductive health issues.
  2. At least 3 years of experience in conducting evaluations in reproductive health issues.

How to Apply

Please send your CV by email to: [email protected]

In the email subject field, please write: RH/Nigeria (your name)

In the body of the email please write the following information ONLY:

  1. Full Name:
  2. Language(s):
  3. Email Address:
  4. Mobile:
  5. Skype:
  6. Nationality:
  7. Permanent Address:
  8. How your qualifications and experiences are good match with this position? (write less than 200 words)