Vacancy at UN Children’s Fund in Nigeria for National/International Consultant (Bauchi, Niger, Sokoto , Borno, Ebonyi, Bayelsa and Oyo States.)

SSA National /International Consultant

(NOD or P4 Level)

Assessment of Communication for Development (C4D) in Basic Education

( Focus states Bauchi, Niger, Sokoto , Borno, Ebonyi, Bayelsa and Oyo States.)

Purpose of Assignment:

The purpose of the consultancy is to Âorganise and coordinate a participatory process to collect and consolidate evidence on knowledge, attitudes and practices that affect school enrolment, retention and completion, which will eventually help in the Âdesign of a behaviour and social change communication strategy to support efforts to ensure that marginalized children enrol in school, start at the right age, attend regularly, and complete their schooling with meaningful learning outcomes at all levels of the education sector, especially for girls. The main focus of the consultancy are Bauchi, Niger, Sokoto, Borno , Ebonyi ,Bayelsa and Oyo Âstates in ÂNigeria with view on wider implications and recommendations.

The consultancy has three specific objectives:

  • To assess the status of current C4D in education efforts in Nigeria addressing the key issues related to education access, quality and accountability.
  • To identify the key behavioural and social determinants (i.e. both barriers and opportunities) in focus states at each level of society (individual, family, community, institutional, policy level) that impact on education access, quality, accountability and capacity in both development and humanitarian contexts.
  • To provide recommendations that will guide the next steps of the project (to develop a social mobilization and communication strategy that will improve marginalized girls enrolment in schools.


1. Inception Report: Provides foundation to consultancy and should be reflected in reports produced.

Education Status Report providing overview of synopsis of current key trends on access, quality and accountability.

2. Consultation Plan with outline of groups to be involved and respective roles, group sizes and composition, documents required to inform the discussions, expected outputs and time frames.

3. Mapping Instrument and Interview Guides (adapted from Global mapping instrument)

Mapping report providing an overview of the nature, focus, scope, scale and actors involved in supporting behaviour and social change efforts in the local Education sector.

4. C4D in Education Situation Analysis report with inputs from the Mapping exercise and SWOT analysis on C4D interventions at policy/system level: national and subnational (e.g. C4D within Education Sector planning, budgeting, management/staffing, capacity development, local governance).

5. Behavioural Analysis Report providing in-depth analysis of findings from primary research on barriers, opportunities, Participant Groups in relation to influencing the key recommended behaviours.

6. Submission of Final Report with key recommendations for the development of National C4D in Education strategy

  • Key competencies, technical background, and experience required

Technical background and professional Experience:

  • Advanced degree in the areas of social sciences, anthropology, communication, gender and child rights
  • Skills and expertise at developing results-based, multi-year operational plans (for national and sub-national levels)
  • Minimum of 8 years professional experience in Communication for Development and International Development or Education across multiple development contexts, including experience in conducting C4D studies.
  • Familiarity with participatory processes with specific focus on children, adolescents.
  • Knowledge of social norm change processes, including participatory approaches to community led development.
  • Experience in working across multiple sectors and levels from family, community, institutional and policy levels.
  • Strong organizational and planning skills, inter-personal and communication skills.
  • Experience working with UN agencies and UN priorities (i.e. Human Rights Based Approach, Vulnerability and Equity, Disabilities etc.).

Other desired characteristics:

  • Demonstrated ability to assess and analyse complex situations in order to succinctly and clearly distil critical issues and draw out forward looking conclusions.
  • Strong writing skills; experience in publication of technical reviews/reports and strong oral communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge and ability to deliver products in high stress situations with excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, ability to coordinate and synchronize work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Strong skills on consensus building, team work and consortium dynamics.
  • Flexible and responsive to recommended changes as part of the review and feedback process

This consultancy is expected to cover a period of 3 months

How to apply:

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

Closing date: 23 Jan 2018

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