Dan Alexander Nebechi: Facebook hacker&Imposter

The person bearing the above name is an impostor hacking people’s social media account like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc and using same account to lure unsuspecting public especially contacts on the hacked account with various proposals, like jobs, money, bit coin, etc

The general public is advised to avoid chatting or responding to their text messages or clicking on any link as they use these methodologies to hack people’s account and rob them of cash through their illicit business.

The picture currently showing on the Facebook handle of Dan Alexander Nebechi was not his true picture, it was just changed yesterday after reading my earlier post concerning the logo/pic the the original account of Dan Nebechi which was hacked on Nov 27 bears, he swiftly changed the current picture which is not his image,his true picture will be made public in due course.

Please be guided and share this message on all social media platforms and forums as to save lives.

Some of their telephone numbers are as follows: