News: Ethio Telecom Ranked First In Africa

Ethio telecom has become the largest telecom operator in Africa. Congratulations!!!!

According to IT Web’s ( report ethio telecom is now the largest mobile operator in Africa in terms of subscriptions, with 57.34 million mobile subscribers in 2017.
Previously, Nigeria’s MTN was Africa’s largest operator in terms of mobile customer base.

Ethio telecom has achieved this status after completion of the massive telecom expansion investment across the country over the last few years, with $ 1.6 billion.
The expansion has contributed an integral part in terms of customer base and infrastructure growth. Thus, currently ethio telecom has a network capacity of:
• Mobile: 62 million
• Fixed: 3 million
• Mobile service coverage: 85%
• Fiber route >21,178km (vast & redundant optical fiber network coverage)
• International Gateway Capacity; 42 Gbps (including 3 Terrestrial Route through Djibouti, Sudan & Kenya and 1 satellite back up).

The expansion project has also significantly improved quality of services, with customers enjoying 3G wireless services by upgrading the 2G network across all regions covering all over the country; with also 4G LTE, super-fast services, launched in Addis Ababa.

Over the past few years, ethio telecom has been transforming itself to meet its vision of becoming a world class operator and our journey so far shows we are on the right track.

Corporate Communication Department
Ethio telecom
November 10, 2017