UNOPS in Nigeria Job Vacancy for Country Manager -Abuja

Summary of key results:

Programme governance, implementation and monitoring
Programme development and planning
Manage programme resources
Partnership networking and advocacy
Knowledge management and innovation
Country representation


Programme Governance, Implementation and Monitoring**
• Accept responsibility for project portfolio oversight as delegated by the Operational Hub/Operations Centre Director and through the role of Project Executive on Project Boards.
• Establish and execute the programme implementation plans in collaboration with the team and partners, including setting objectives, performance measurements, standards and results expected to ensure timely and client oriented services.
• Monitor and supervise the timely and cost-effective implementation of the programme according to UNOPS goals and partner expectations, approved budget and full cost recovery.
• Supervise the Programme Management Office (PMO) to ensure that project management policies, processes and methods are followed and practiced according to the organization’s standards, best project management practices are promoted, and overall assurance of projects is provided.
• Mentor and assist Project Managers in planning, execution and delivery of allocated projects, ensuring incorporation of best practice project management processes.
• Facilitate timely and accurate project tracking, analysis of outputs, and reporting.
• Develop and implement the programme governance framework. 2. Programme Development and Planning
• Support the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director to ensure the financial sustainability of the programme and delivery of desired results, ensuring compliance with organizational strategies, rules, regulations and standards of performance.
• Submit mandated reports and critical issues to the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director and clients, to drive future process improvement and business development planning.
• Analyse and keep abreast of political and development trends in the geographical area, to identify and propose to the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director areas for UNOPS engagement and support based on regional/country priorities, strategic areas of focus and comparative advantage.
• Manage and oversee the preparation of programme documents (including business cases/strategies, policy briefs, programme plans and risk assessments).
• Ensure the accurate and timely completion of programme/business recommendations for the review and approval of the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director.
• Consult and collaborate with internal and external colleagues and partners to ensure linkages, consistency, and harmonisation of approaches and compliance with guidelines, framework and standards of accountability, integrity and performance. 3. Manage Programme Resources • Plan and propose to the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director, required programme resources (human and financial).
• Submit revenue and expenditure forecasts based on UNOPS and Operational Hub/Operations Centre financial goals.
• Determine pricing strategies based on UNOPS pricing policy and models to ensure an appropriate balance between revenue and development capacity within UN mandate and spirit.
• Manage programme resources in accordance with UNOPS standards of ethics, integrity and accountability framework and financial sustainability.
• Plan, recruit, manage and develop programme personnel/technical experts with the skills and competencies needed to ensure optimum performance and encouraging the formation of diverse teams in term of gender and geography.
• Promote teamwork, collaboration and diversity by providing the programme team with clear direction, objectives and guidance to enable them to perform their duties responsibly, effectively and efficiently.
• Foster a positive work environment, respectful of both men and women, and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are observed.
• Plan, conduct and/or respond to UNOPS performance evaluation reviews and surveys. 4. Partnership, Networking and Advocacy
• Build and strengthen strategic partnerships through active networking, advocacy and effective communication of UNOPS competencies in project service delivery and management.
• Support the business development function by identifying and developing new business and partnership/customer opportunities.
• Collaborate with the Business Development Manager to prepare proposals and partnerships engagement.
• Contribute to current and future growth plans for the Operational Hub/Operations Centre, ensuring alignment with the UNOP Strategic Plan.
• [Customise as relevant] Support Communication Specialists to develop communication strategies to maximise communication impact and outreach and build awareness of UNOPS goals and competencies to reinforce UNOPS competitive edge as a provider of sustainable projects results.
• At the request of the Operational Hub Director/Operations Centre Director participate and/or represent the Operational Hub/Operations Centre in inter-agency discussions and planning to ensure UNOPS position, interests and priorities are fully considered.

5. Knowledge Management and Innovation
• Keep abreast of and incorporate latest/best practices, approaches and technology to enhance the programme delivery and results.
• Institutionalise and share best practices and lessons learned for corporate development planning and knowledge building.
• Draft policy papers and/or recommend policy changes to align operations with changing environment.
• Lead the planning, implementation and organization of strategic capacity building of personnel, clients and stakeholders within the programme. 6. Country Representation
• Act as the internal coordination point to ensure adequate coordination of UNOPS activities in the designated country.
• At the request of the Hub Director, participate in relevant inter-agency and external meetings.
• Maintain regular contact with stakeholders, including Government to ensure full information sharing and participation.
• Collaborate with internal and external partners, colleagues and stakeholders to keep abreast of evolving trends, advocate UNOPS services and build partnerships/alliances to maintain/enhance UNOPS visibility in project services in development cooperation.
• At the request of the Hub Director, participate in the UN Security Management Team and in line with the UN Security Management System Framework of Accountability, support the UN Designated Official in discharging his/her mandate related to the safety and security of all UNOPS personnel, premises and assets.
• At the request of the Hub Director, participate in UN Country Team initiatives to strengthen UN coherence, inclusiveness, and aid effectiveness.
• At the request of the Hub Director, keep the UN Resident Coordinator informed of UNOPS activities within the country through regular communication and formal reporting on business acquisition and implementation of activities led by UNOPS as part of the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

Impact of Results The effective and successful performance by the Country Manager directly impacts on achievement of programme results and consequently reinforces the visibility and image of the UNOPS as an effective service provider in project services and management and strengthens its competitive position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services
How to apply:

This vacancy can be applied to by clicking on the below link which has all the details to the position.
Closing date: 15 Jan 2018

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