Plant Technician Internship – Product Supply at Procter & Gamble Oyo ,Ibadan

P&G Plant Technician Internships:

The P&G plant technician internship program provides student with training and valuable work experience.


<font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Successful candidate will work in the P&G Manufacturing plant in Ibadan. Candidates will be required to work on a full-time basis where they will be given all necessary tools to build their capability. The key focus will be to develop candidate towards qualifying as Production Technicians at a world-class facility. Successful completion of the internship program will offer the candidate a stronger chance of full time employment with P&G in the short and long run

<font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>What does P&G Offer?<font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>

  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Investment in your continuous learning and growth
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Creating a Personal Development Plan together
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Meaningful work experience from Day 1
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Exposure to manufacturing standard practices in a world-class facility
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Competitive pay
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>A great manager determined to invest in onboarding & early development plans
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>A high-performing and stimulating work environment
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Diverse experience working with multi-cultural teams
  • <font “frutiger=”” 45=”” light””,=”” serif”=””>Exciting work experience and employee engagement programs


  • Applicant must have completed OND in Electrical Electronic engineering ONLY- Any higher qualification will be rejected.
  • Applicant must have a fresh IT letter approved by the school authority
  • Leadership and willingness to challenge the status quo
  • Medically and physically fit to operate in a manufacturing environment
  • Excellent analytical skills

Job ID

Nigeria ,Oyo ,Ibadan

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