Vacancies for Drivers at Malaria Consortium-Kaduna, Jigawa and Yobe

Drivers Kaduna, Jigawa and Yobe

Malaria Consortium
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Country and project background

The Nigeria Country Office in Abuja, started operations in 2008, through the DFID/UKaid funded support to National Malaria Programme, SuNMaP (2008 – 2016). The office had presence in 23 states of the country and has managed at various times, about 15 projects and projects. It follows the mandate of the parent organisation in Nigeria and has been working specifically in the following areas:

· Malaria control/elimination

· Integrated community case management (iCCM) for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea

· Nutrition

· Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)

Malaria Consortium has recently become a sub-recipient for the new grant of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) under the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) and Catholic Relief Services as the principal recipients.

The goal of the grant is to contribute towards reducing the malaria burden to pre-elimination levels and bringing malaria-related mortality to zero by 2020 in Nigeria.

This project aims to achieve seven objectives while delivering high quality malaria services in 14 states (MC implementing in 7 of the states – Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Niger, Yobe, Gombe and iCCM only in Kebbi and Niger) through improved service delivery mechanisms, demand creation and health system strengthening strategies.

· To ensure at least 80% of targeted population utilizes appropriate preventive measures by 2020

· To test all care-seeking persons with suspected malaria using RDT or microscopy by 2020

· To treat all individuals with confirmed malaria seen in private or public facilities with effective anti-malarial drug by 2020

· To provide adequate information to all Nigerians such that at least 80% of the populace habitually takes appropriate malaria preventive and treatment measures as necessary by 2020

· To ensure the timely availability of appropriate antimalarial medicines and commodities required for prevention and treatment of malaria in Nigeria wherever they are needed by 2018

· At least 80% of health facilities in all LGAs report routinely on malaria by 2020

· To strengthen governance and coordination of all stakeholders for effective program implementation towards an “A” rating by 2018 on a standardized scorecard

Job purpose

Drivers are a key part of the Malaria Consortium team and our drivers need to be enthusiastic people who are reliable and able to drive safely, this job holder is responsible for operating the vehicle and ensures general safety of assigned vehicle in Jigawa, Kaduna and Yobe offices.

Scope of work

The driver would be responsible for picking up and driving the project officials, pickups and other scheduled appointments. And also will be responsible for performing minor maintenance tasks on the vehicles to assure the functionality of the vehicle.

Key working relationships

The officer working under the line-management of the Admin Officer. Would deliver aspects of the project as per the specified job tasks and expected deliverables.

Key accountabilities

1. Safely transport persons and goods (70%)

· Transport safely Malaria Consortium employees and goods as directed by the line manager

· Always be in possession of a valid driving license and personal identification

· Respect and observe the Nigeria traffic regulations, speed limits and adjust speed according to road and risk conditions (for example, when driving in villages or populated areas)

· Observe Malaria Consortium standard operating procedures for vehicles

· Observe the manufacturer technical conditions of use for all vehicles

· Report any accident immediately to line manager and the nearest police station for purpose of insurance claims

· Assist in loading and off-loading, and fetching water

· Ensure safety of vehicles assigned to you at all times

· Ensure passengers wear seat belts at all times

2. Vehicle maintenance and checklist for field trips (20%)

· Responsible for daily and weekly preventive maintenance and report to the line manager any problems with vehicles

· Ensure vehicles are always on full fuel tanks

· Diligently and promptly update the movement and fuel consumption logbook

· Furnish the logbook to the line manager as and when required to facilitate preparation of monthly vehicle and fuel consumption reports

· Always ensure the vehicle insurance and licenses are valid before driving any vehicle

· Alert line manager when service and maintenance schedules are due

· Clean the vehicle inside and outside as and when necessary/ keep your vehicle clean externally and internally at all the times

· Check that items mentioned in the logbook are in the vehicle before leaving

· Perform daily vehicle pre–departure checks to include fuel, engine oil, coolant, lights, tyres, horn, tools and equipment, brakes, windows and mirrors, etc.

· When a field trip is planned, the driver has to inspect and prepare the vehicle the day before leaving and be ready for scheduled departure time

· The driver has also to prepare additional materials according to trip needs (for example, additional fuel tank, stickers, flag, medical and food kits, additional spare tyres)

· Conduct daily, weekly and monthly vehicle check

· Behave in a professional manner at all the times with the understanding that the public associates your behaviour with Malaria Consortium

· Ensures the official vehicles are safely parked within the office environment and approved sites at all times

3. Security, communication and miscellaneous duties (10%)

· Ensure the vehicle radio communication is in good working condition

· Maintain regular radio communication with the base station while travelling away from the base. Radios should be switched on for communications at all times

· Observe and ensure adherence with security guidelines in the programme area of operation

· Assist Logistics Officer and colleagues in gathering security information analysis especially pertaining to routes to be travelled. To advise the logistician on the security of such routes and whether Malaria Consortium vehicle should travel or not on a given route

· Promptly report all relevant security incidents/concerns to the Logistics Officer

· Carry out other delegated tasks using Malaria Consortium vehicles. Theses may range from mail delivery, payment of bills, picking or dropping of staff or visitors and other similar tasks

· Organise the assigned task in the most efficient and effective manner, so as to minimize vehicle use (fuel consumption, wear and tear)

· Carry out any other duties as requested by the Logistics Officer and any senior staff

· Follow Malaria Consortium’s security protocol at all times

Person specification

Qualifications and experience:


· Minimum Qualification of O’ Level Certificate

· Honest, hardworking and pleasant personality with effective interpersonal skills

· Fluent in English

· Full driving licence

· Previous experience working as a driver

How to Apply

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