Citibank Vacancy for Global Subsidiaries Group Head – Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster

Job Description:

The opportunity exists to lead Citi GSG in SSA which includes the following countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, the West Africa Cluster comprising Cameroon, DR Congo, CDI, Gabon, and Senegal, and East Africa, comprising Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. In 2018, GSG SSA Cluster is expected to generate revenues of over USD 300mm, +7% YOY, with an overall headcount of approx. 70 staff. 

The location of the SSA GSG Cluster role will depend on the final candidate, and will report to Grant Carson, with a matrix to both Atiq Rehman and Mike Pendill. The expectation is that the role will double hat. Any combination of product/function with this GSG role may need to be cleared from a regulatory and compliance perspective.

  • Primary Location: South Africa,Saxonwold

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Job Function: Institutional Banking
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Employee Status: Regular
  • Travel Time: No
  • Job ID: 18033339

The complexity of the business presents a unique set of leadership challenges for the successful GSG SSA Cluster Head.  In addition to strong leadership and technical skills, the SSA GSG Cluster Head must have the aspiration, capability and self-confidence to grow the business whilst maintaining the efficiency and returns of the business.  They will need to identify growth opportunities and align both country and product management in the evaluation and execution of each initiative.  A proactive and credible brand ambassador for Citi, who will engage with senior clients, parent level CEOs + board members. Given the complexity of SSA, the ideal candidate should have a diverse background of experience in SSA and a proven track-record of delivering results and growth. An SCO is preferred.

Job Purpose:

To lead the GSG SSA cluster to help achieve the overall MEA GSG goal to be a combined $1Bn franchise by 2020.  To ensure safety and soundness and ensure rewarding career paths for all GSG staff working in SSA.


Leading the Business:

•Collaborates with product and functional partners to design, influence and lead GSG SSA business strategy – having accountability for the end result at country level
•Communicates a clear vision of the GSG business strategy and engages employees in support of the strategy
•Leads the GSG country scorecard and financial reporting
•Generates new value propositions where appropriate
•Strategically manages all available resources and links operations to profitability
•Employs optimization strategies where required
•Leads acquisitions/investments/divestments as appropriate
•Coaches the GSG team to build high performing teams
•Influences talent, performance and mobility decisions in the best interests of GSG within the country and Citi as a whole
•Actively raises GSG’s profile with external stakeholders including clients, regulators, government, community, media and alumni
•Understands, maps and monitors the local business relative to its competitors

Protecting the Franchise:

•Ensures compliance with all laws, regulations, and corporate policies, including ethics and business practices and that external requirements are followed internally by back and front offices.
•Makes strategic recommendations in order to optimise capital, leveraging an in-depth understanding of current and prospective local regulatory frameworks
•Ensures there are procedures so that all staff within the country are able to escalate issues to the CCO, as well as to their immediate supervisors
•Ensures that issues are escalated, as appropriate, to the GSG regional head
•Identifies, assesses, mitigates, communicates and anticipates all types of risks (e.g. industry, portfolio, diversification, sovereign, commercial, currency, etc.)
•Manages the organisation and corporate governance of country-based legal entities and their regulatory reporting
•Develops and implements Audit and Risk Review programs

Leadership Standards

Drives Client Value

•Leverages current expertise in Citi’s client industries and emerging global trends
•Provides critical advice to key clients and contributes to client’s strategic planning
•Provides resources for testing new approaches that could add value in the marketplace
•Seeks out global partnerships and applies an understanding of geographies and markets to make decisions

Delivers Results

•Creates a culture of accountability by setting bold, aspirational goals for the organisation
•Aligns area’s key initiatives with the strategic direction of other Citi businesses/functions
•Makes resource deployment decisions that maximise long-term profitability
•Integrates information from various businesses and functions to ensure key initiatives are aligned and making significant progress

Works as a Partner

•Establishes ongoing relationships with a global network of key stakeholders
•Sponsors new initiatives that bring diverse teams together to create added value for Citi and its clients
•Relates to diverse populations in an accepting and respectful manner
•Acts with a “One Citi” mindset and shares resources that could benefit other areas, even when detrimental to own interests

Leads Change

•Builds a culture that is agile and capable of quickly responding to changes in the environment
•Leads the organisation confidently to address new challenges despite push-back or resistance
•Leads the creation and implementation of processes and systems to effectively move wide-scale changes forward
•Inspires followers by creating a compelling vision of what is possible

Acts as an Owner

•Makes tough decisions in the best interest of Citi and takes an unwavering stance in support of the Core Principles
•Optimises key financial metrics to improve performance over time
•Ensures that proposed solutions include contingency plans to mitigate risk
•Anticipates potential crises and acts resolutely to address the situation before it occurs
•Takes ownership to resolve difficult issues, even when not clearly within own area of responsibility

Builds Great Teams

•Identifies internal talent and fills key positions building deep bench strength; develops and teaches new leaders at all levels
•Provides dynamic, real-time feedback and helps translate it into development plans
•Recognises, celebrates and provides visibility to team successes with the organisation
•Hires people who excel in the areas from which he/she can learn
•Models self-development and understands own strengths and development needs

Sets Strategic Direction

•Integrates external market trends with an in-depth understanding of Citi’s global business strengths and weaknesses
•Creates and communicates a clear vision  for how Citi will provide future value in the marketplace
•Translates broad strategies into specific business plans that are understood by all and can be effectively executed
•Makes prudent yet expedient adjustments to strategy based on macroeconomic changes


Knowledge/ Skills/ Experience:


•Demonstrates sound knowledge of Citi’s core product range
•Identifies cross-sell / multi-product solutions that optimize client experience and meet Citi’s RORC targets
•Inspires and informs through all communications, written, verbal or virtual
•Leverages social media and digital solutions as appropriate
•Generates new customer value propositions by identifying unmet customer needs
•Familiar with innovation strategies


•Demonstrates understanding of all relevant financial statements and accounting rules alongside return and profitability measures.  Demonstrates focus on capital allocation.
•Proactively anticipates issues and opportunities with firm wide impact and escalates as needed
•Understands and can explain the Basel III pricing and return implications to clients and product partners
•Makes sound decisions considering the risk-reward trade off and performance objectives
•Manages all types of risk (e.g. industry, portfolio, diversification, sovereign, commercial, currency, etc.)
•Demonstrates commitment to Citi’s credit and risk processes through day-to-day activities, sharing information related to regulatory changes and advocating process/policy improvements,
•Is fully conversant in all aspects of policies and procedures related to the business


•Promotes and embodies a culture of a strong control environment. Don’t assume someone else is doing it.
•Articulates an in-depth understanding of local economic and market drivers


•Demonstrates ability to generate, evaluate and execute optimisation strategies
•Demonstrates a drive for common processes, infrastructure and technology
•Makes strategic decisions to “build vs. buy”


•Effectively manages large and / or complex teams with both direct and matrix reports
•Exemplary performance against people management goals, namely:
•Ensures measurable goals are in place for all direct reports by the end of the first quarter
•Conducts thorough mid-year and year-end performance assessments
•Conducts development and career planning conversations and ensures development plans are in place
•Retains high performing employees and takes action on under-performers
•Develops diverse candidate slates for all open positions
•Is able to articulate the organisational culture and adapt it to the local context
•Holds self and others accountable to working in a manner that is team oriented and inclusive


•Strong academic background, MBA preferable
•Intellectual curiosity, recognized commercial instincts, business and people driven and self-motivated
•10 year of more of experience in managing complex and multicultural environments
•10 years or more of operational experience in SSA and proven track record of success in SSA
•Strong preference for SCO

Valuing Diversity:

Demonstrates an appreciation of a diverse workforce. Appreciates differences in style or perspective and uses differences to add value to decisions or actions and organisational success.

Exceptional candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered for the role provided they have the necessary skills and experience.

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