Senior Medical Epidemiologist ,CTS Global

Period of Performance: 09/21/2018 – 09/20/2019

Number of Option Years: None

Place of Performance: Egypt

Service Objective:

Provide expert medical epidemiology services by liaising between CDC and the MoHP and other partners associated with CoAgs identified in C.1.; serve as a CDC Supported FETP mentor with the MoHP trainees; oversee data analysis and publication preparation for the Damanhour site and other sites within Egypt’s 27+ governates/regions and cities associate with a CoAg. Assist in writing protocols, proposals, manuscripts and posters. Collaborate with the MoHP, WHO EMRO, other CDC offices on behalf of the US CDC Egypt office and CDC HQ regarding research and non-research projects. Conduct project management activities to include assisting with Ethics committee requirements, collaborating in strategic planning for the program and its future projects, and presenting data at national and international conferences. This service will require work be performed both independently and on a team in an interdisciplinary environment at different levels of the organization. As such, excellent communication skills are necessary.

B.1 Task Requirement

B.1.1 Oversee activities related to a variety of surveillance projects platform in Egypt inclusive of the following: Assisting the CDC Country Office in providing support to partners identified in including epidemiology related activities, collaborating with the Principal Investigator or Investigators for all MoHP programs funded by the US CDC Egypt Country office and help coordinate the activities of other personnel associated with a CoAg identified in C.1. for the purposes of these studies; Assist the CDC office in recommending to the MoHP appropriate surveillance projects, and associated training for staff associated with surveillance projects; Provide quarterly report reporting/summarizing activities associated with the performance of this task thru the CDC M&E Excel spreadsheet.

B.1.2 Facilitate collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Population’s (MoHP) Health Directorate offices in governorates, the MoHP’s activities funded by the US CDC Egypt country office including FETP by mentoring/assisting the FETP trainees, and other activities funded by organizations. On quarterly basis report activities conducted under this task using the CDC developed M&E Excel spreadsheet.

B.1.3 Assist the US CDC Egypt office and the MoHP to ensure that personnel recruited for these collaborative studies are properly trained for their respective projects, including recruitment of parents/guardians and their children for study enrollment, obtaining written informed consent, and all other matters outlined in the associated protocols; and assist the MoHP in public health activities, educate and assist MoHP personnel on emerging disease and epi topics, assist in the review of collected de-identified historical data and biological specimens and to review progress and problems with study. A monthly report summarizing number samples collected by syndrome, number tested, test results by syndrome, and other relative information should be provided for.

B.1.4 Provide a monthly written progress report of activities for training, consultation conducted, data analysis and status of publications. This information will be included in the monthly M&E reporting so that CDC Egypt office can report quarterly to CDC DGHP. Information requested for the M&E report is mainly a drop-down menu (type of partner working with, type of interaction – lab, epi, etc.., and other standardized information) additional information will have to be input such as the date, the person, name of group working with, etc.

B.1.5 Ensure publication clearance and acknowledge the collaboration with and acknowledgement of CDC for any official or printed reports or presentations related to activities conducted through this contract; this includes working with both CDC Egypt office, CDC HQ, and other partners.

B.1.6 Provide a report updating scientific information obtained from epidemiological and laboratory data from Egypt health care facilities for the CDC Egypt Office as requested, at a minimum the reports should include number of samples collected, tested and syndrome/pathogen specific positive, any emerging disease information with a summary of the situation and recommendations, and any issues that need to be addressed.

A.2 Task Deliverables: Are required and will be detailed later

B.3 Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:

• Medical Degree for Senior Medical Epidemiologist

• Minimum of 15 years Epidemiologic training/experience

• Minimum of 10 years experience working in the MoHP’s Damanhur surveillance center of excellence

platform in a leadership position

• Minimum of 15 years previous experience in project management for large public health programs

such as Damanhur or similar projects with CDC, NAMRU-3, and the MoHP in Egypt

• Minimum of 4 years of experience as a FETP advisor and/or, trainer for Ministries of Health, and/or CDC

• Has knowledge of the Egypt MoHP financial, administration management, and scientific activities

• Has published/presented on public health related syndromes, outbreaks, etc.

• Certified and experienced Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) trainer

• Minimum of 15 years of experience collaboration with US government agencies

• Minimum of 15 years of experience working for Egypt MoHP

B.4 Travel

• 52 trips to Egyptian Governrates for an estimated 2 days each.


Please respond with the position title in the subject and CV to [email protected]

Closing date: 22 Aug 2018