Regional National Partners-AAN Associates-Nigeria,Ghana,Mali,Niger,Guinea

Looking for Regional/ National Partners for Field Data Collection (Qualitative & Quantitative) for a Multi-Country Evaluation

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Closing date. September 16, 2019 AAN Associates, is an emerging development and communication consulting firm with growing portfolio of international projects. AAN is planning to bid for a Multi-country and are seeking interest from potential national/regional partners for field support.
AAN is looking for a national/regional firm with expertise in Child Rights; particularly child marriage and female genital mutilation and capable to collect qualitative and quantitative data and having presence in West and Central Africa Region (WCAR), specifically in Five Countries (Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria).Study Objectives:

  • To determine the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability
  • To draw lessons learned about what has worked and did not work
  • To formulate specific and actionable recommendations on how to improve the implementation processes

Scope of the Study:Assessment of the role of community engagement in reducing child marriage in Ghana and Niger and FGM in Guinea, Mali and Nigeria.

  • At the national level, the extent to which the Programme has contributed to the mobilization, engagement and reinforced capacities of relevant networks of community actors and influencers
  • At the sub-national level, the extent to which the Programme had contributed to mobilise, engage and reinforce capacities of decentralized administrative and political authorities and service providers to create an enabling social, programmatic and operational environment
  • At the community level, the extent to which the quality of community participation practices has contributed to achieve actual community engagement in ending Child Marriage and/or FGM

Geographic Scope of Study:Five countries concerned by this evaluation study that are as following;

  1. Ghana;
  2. Guinea;
  3. Mali;
  4. Niger, and;
  5. Nigeria.

However, the field primary data collection will concentrate on a smaller sample of intervention sites to be identifiedFollowing are the key requirements for the Potential Research Partners;

  1. Extensive field research experience particularly managing large-scale national level surveys
  2. Prior experience of undertaking projects in sectors like Child Protection, Early Child Marriages and Female Genital Mutilation would an asset
  3. Must be registered with relevant authorities to operate across the country/ region
  4. Experience of working with development partners particularly UN agencies
  5. Experience in obtaining Ethical Clearance